Ethernet I/O Controller – Real Time Monitoring and Control Offline Devices Over the Web

Linortek designs, develops and manufactures web-based, Ethernet I/O controllers for industries, consumers and small to mid-size companies. All of Linortek’s Ethernet I/O controllers are TCP/IP based with built in software for ease of use, no additional software or programming required, no 3rd party server and no monthly fees.

There are multiple platforms with either or all of the following, digital inputs, analog inputs and built in relays. Linortek’s products can be used in such applications as gates/doors, lights, manufacturing equipment, HVAC, school bell system and many more.

As we design and build our own product, we are also able to create a totally custom hardware device. This may be used to solve specific problems or for installation into a product that you manufacture. Utilizing our standard hardware and software building blocks, we can put together a custom design in little time and at low NRE. This also means that your new product carries a tried and true design with little or no start up difficulties.

All of our servers are built on the same basic TCP/IP platform providing a more stable and tested product. This stack executes on a 32 bit processor and utilizes standard interfaces making it able to communicate with most internet browsers and devices.

Linor Technology is also able to create totally custom web pages for it’s servers. Maybe a look and feel or a special way to present data, we can do the job. New software may be uploaded to fix bugs or add features. This is also customizable if your requirements are outside of our normal features.

Why Choose Linortek Ethernet I/O Devices